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The Disaster Recovery Guide is intended to be a launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity planning process. It offers information, guidance, tips, and links to a range of resources.

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The Service Level Agreement

If you have a critical dependency on a supplier (service or product) it is important that you have an agreement to define the obligations of both parties. This certainly applies to external suppliers, but in large organizations, it may apply to internal ones as well.

The Service Level Agreement, or SLA, defines the parameters of the service. Critically, in the context of this portal, it also defines the levels of availability and response in emergency situations.

The SLA therefore is a very important document indeed. As with other important items (such as the disaster recovery plan!), it should be carefully prepared and given due consideration.

We have recently identified a product designed to ease this process. The SLA Toolkit offers a template, a full interactive guide, a training presentation and an audit checklist (to enable review of existing agreements).

It is provided in MS-Word (template, guide and checklist) and PowerPoint (presentations) formats to give full control to the user.

For further information on this product, see the specific Service Level Agreement web site.


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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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Disaster Recovery Audit/Review

Using detailed questionnaires and checklists, this MS-Word toolkit will help you review both your contingency practices and recovery arrangements.

Disaster Recovery Toolkit

The DR Toolkit provides a comprehensive health check across the business continuity spectrum.

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